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                STL数据工具DeskArtes |DeskArtes Dimensions Expert v1.0.10.17 x64
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                STL数据工具DeskArtes |DeskArtes Dimensions Expert v1.0.10.17 x64
                STL数据修复工具(DeskArtes Dimensions Expert)是一个简单、 经济和用户友好的 STL 自动修复工具,STL 数据拆分成合并工具
                Dimensions Expert is a simple, economical and user friendly tool for STL repair and splitting for machines with a smaller build area. Dimensions Expert suites professional Additive Manufacturing users and hobbyists alike.
                Today, most CAD systems can output good STL data or data with minor errors. The most common problem 3D Printing users are facing is the build area size versus the STL model dimensions. DeskArtes Dimensions Expert gives you the tools to automatically repair and to split the STL data into separate pieces and accurately combine them after the build. This is typically achieved with software five to ten times more expensive.

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